Reminded of Death 5 Times a Day


What is it about death that makes it so hard to think about and accept? is it the unknown? or is it fear of leaving our comfort zone?

Growing up a Muslim made the idea of death and facing the almighty unimaginably terrifying. Making death, the only reality we have, a complete no no. Nowadays, it seems like my perception of death shifted completely.

fulfilling its purpose, death is just a transition from one life to the next, and both exist to be enjoyed, just like we did wherever we were before arriving and even before that. While growing this mindset about one of my major fears, today I came across an application called “Wecroak” an App where you get reminded of death five times a day. RIGHT, five times a day. For we are so used to running away, it is time to face the essence of our existence. While you may argue death being the essence of our existence or not, we can not argue its inescapable reality. Yet, each life should be lived fully so we can enjoy it by facing its truth, and this app definitely offers the truth about our current realm.



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